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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V

iSCSI SAN as a Part of Business Continuity Plan

Preserve Business Continuity with iSCSI SAN

Business transactions are often carried out 24/7 in part due to the nature of operating in a global market. In this environment, even a single server failure or power outage to a remote office, can cause data loss and loss to the bottom line. That’s why business continuity planning is more important than ever. It ensures that data will be continually available and always protected. 

StarWind’s affordable iSCSI SAN software should be a part of your business continuity plan. With a StarWind iSCSI SAN, you can rapidly recover information at any time without affecting production. 

Business Continuity features include:

  • CDP & Snapshots. Point-in-time Snapshots. By combining Continuous Data Protection(CDP) with instant snapshot technology, StarWind allows you to recover from a failure in moments. An administrator can access snapshot copies to recover individual files or folders from the volume, or rollback an entire volume to a point prior to failure.
  • Remote Disaster Recovery. Replicate your data for Disaster Recovery using Asynchronous Replication and Synchronous Mirroring to a remote location. Software mirror (RAID1) and iSCSI replication enable volume/site failover and recovery for uninterrupted storage operations and 24/7 business continuity. Mirroring protects data and keeps applications operational in the event of disk failure. Once your primary site is back to working, you can then use replication to failback to that original site. Remote copies placed on a re-occurring schedule allow a customer to achieve point-in-time replication of the data between sites located in different server rooms, satellite locations, buildings across campus or even metro areas.


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